Duchesne Academy STEAM Lab
Duchesne Academy STEAM Lab
Duchesne Academy STEAM Lab

Duchesne Academy STEAM Lab

Omaha, Nebraska

To fulfill the goals and criteria of Sacred Heart education and to best prepare their students, Duchesne Academy is committed to maintaining a future-focused curriculum that includes science, technology, engineering, art, and math (“STEAM.”) This curriculum encourages students to develop artistic, communication, intellectual, and leadership skills. The project consisted of renovating two existing rooms, located near the library, into the STEAM lab.


  • Electrical infrastructure upgrades serve the current and future uses of the space.
  • Ceiling-mounted electrical connector strips with removable cord drops allow for flexibility in workstation arrangement. The cord drops can be hung at the ceiling when not in use.
  • The space was designed to be a “learning lab,” so the exposed mechanical and electrical equipment is showcased throughout the room.
  • The design made the room PV-ready and solar panels were later installed to offset the cost of operating the STEAM lab.

Photography credit: Duchesne Academy

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