Johnny’s at Hilton Coliseum

Ames, Iowa

6,853 GSF

“Johnny’s” is a large sports bar-themed gathering area for donors named after one of the most popular and successful coaches in Iowa State history, Johnny Orr. It’s located on the coliseum’s east end and features 14 flat screen televisions, three bar areas, a food service area, and coat check.


  • The existing AHU-26 in the expansion space was replaced. The new unit is provided with a filter/mixing section, steam preheat coil (face and bypass type), chilled water cooling coil and supply fan.
  • The new AHU is controlled by an electronic microprocessor-based Direct Digital Control system which is the primary control mechanism for all heating, ventilating, and air conditioning controls. All schedule and setpoint modifications are readily accomplished through an onsite terminal or offsite by means of telephone modem and secondary terminal. Each zone or space has individual control and is addressable from the central operator station to assist in trouble-shooting.
  • The existing Johnny’s is protected by a wet sprinkler system. This system was expanded into the new areas with matching sprinkler response and type.
  • The existing fire alarm system was expanded to serve the new Johnny’s space.
  • The expanded Johnny’s space was provided with a complete voice, data, and communications structured wiring system including equipment racks, telecommunications cables, termination hardware, cable management hardware, and telecommunications jacks.
  • New high-efficiency LED lighting was provided, including new accent lighting for the sculpture of Johnny.
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