Newman University Bishop Gerber Science Center

Wichita, Kansas

Due to significant enrollment increases in Newman University’s science, allied health, and nursing programs, a new building was designed to offer state-of-the-art classrooms, clinical learning and gross anatomy spaces, and chemistry, biology, and physics laboratories. The new facility is connected to the existing Eck Hall which now houses Newman’s nursing and allied health programs.


  • Modular, gas-fired, high-efficiency condensing boiler heats the building. The building is cooled by 45° F chilled water chilled by modular, electric, water cooled heat recovery chillers.
  • Architectural lighting was designed to be on display on the exterior cross and the exterior donor wall.
  • General air handling units are draw-thru type with 30% efficient pre-filters and 85% efficient filters, outdoor air economizer, air blender, and heating and cooling coils.
  • Building electrical systems were provided with a natural gas engine generator backup system.
  • Laboratories were provided with chemical resistant waste and vent system separate from the general use sanitary system. Lab gases consist of compressed air, vacuum, and natural gas. The lab gas system includes a complete piping system, central equipment, and user outlets.
  • Clean water source for the laboratories is provided by packaged automatic water softeners, reverse osmosis, and deionizers with pre and final filters.
  • Wet sprinkler system was provided throughout the facility. A glycol-filled sprinkler system was provided in areas subject to freezing.
  • Telecommunications closets are centrally located and house backbone copper and fiber cabling from the MDF.
  • Electronic security system provisions for this project include access control and video surveillance at selected areas, head-end equipment upgrades and/or consolidation, and integration with existing campus wide access control and video management system.

Photography credit: Kessler Photography

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