Polk County Justice Center

Des Moines, Iowa

150,000 GSF

Renovation of the existing courthouse expanded courts services to the former county jail and former Wellmark building.


  • The building is heated by means of gas-fired sequential boilers that heat water, which is distributed to terminal heating devices by means of a steel and/or copper piping system and centrifugal circulation pumps.
  • All existing plumbing fixtures were replaced and additional fixtures added.
  • Architectural lighting design services were provided to incorporate LED lighting solutions and lighting controls throughout the interior spaces that reduced the lighting power density to be 53% better than code minimum.
  • Acoustical design included solutions for acceptable sound quality and sound isolation in designated spaces.
  • Audiovisual systems include sound reinforcement, video evidence display for the courtrooms, speech amplification and recording, video presentation for training rooms and conference rooms, and digital signage and room scheduling systems.
  • Technology infrastructure for voice/data cabling, IT space design, backbone and horizontal cabling, as well as primary and secondary pathways were designed.
  • Security design included access control, door monitoring, and video surveillance.

Photography credit: Kessler Photography

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