Southwest Briefing Station

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

10,820 GSF

The Southwest Briefing Station is the newest division in the Oklahoma City Police Department. A bond issue provided the funding to split an existing division that covered a too-large, under-served area. Division boundaries were redrawn and 130 officers were assigned to the new facility.


  • Design of heating and air conditioning systems from rooftop package equipment to furnace units, direct expansion cooling coils, and air cooled condensers.
  • Design of electrical service entrance from 460volt/3-phase/four-wire to 208volt/3-phase/four-wire electrical service.
  • The light-hazard fire protection sprinkler system was provided throughout the building.
  • The facility was provided with an intelligent microprocessor-based, addressable fire alarm system complete with addressable control relays and remote connection software. The system has sensitivity monitoring and adjustment of all smoke detectors.
  • Emergency power is supplied by a diesel-fueled engine generator to back up the entire building load. The engine generator is complete with double-wall, in-base fuel tank, radiator, silencer, and automatic transfer switch.
  • The facility was provided with a complete voice and data telecommunications space and pathways.

Photography credit: Simon Hurst Photography

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