St. Mary’s Catholic Church and School

Joplin, Missouri

Both Phases 100,000 GSF
Worship space 13,748 GSF
Administrative space 20,155 GSF
School 26,818 GSF

St. Mary’s Catholic School and Church is an all new construction of a church assembly and elementary school on a new building site. This project­ was built in two phases. Phase 1 included the church worship space, parish and school offices, cafeteria/social hall, kitchen, and school classroom facilities. Phase II is anticipated to be constructed by 2026 and will include a narthex/gathering space (connecting the church to the cafeteria/social hall) and additional educational and athletic facilities at the school.


  • The building is heated by a gas-fired boiler system and cooled by means of a direct expansion refrigerant air cooled condensing unit located on grade. Free cooling is provided through the use of outdoor air when temperatures are suitable.
  • Hot water circulation pumps circulate hot water from the boiler(s) to the heating coils in the air handling units as well as the reheat coils in the terminal units.
  • Individual rooms are served by a terminal unit. The terminal unit is provided with a hot water reheat coil.
  • Domestic hot water is heated by a high-efficiency (minimum 94 percent) gas-fired sealed combustion water heater and distributed throughout the building. Hot water circulating pump with recirculation piping was provided to insure hot water is available at all fixtures.
  • Emergency power is supplied by an engine generator located in a weather-proof exterior housing. The engine generator is complete with silencer and automatic transfer switches.
  • A complete concealed lightning protection system was provided.
  • The fire protection system is sprinkled throughout the building and designed for light hazard. The system is hydraulically calculated.

Photography credit: Kessler Photography

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