Together Renovation

Omaha, Nebraska

20,126 GSF

Together is a cooperative effort of local church and synagogue leaders to provide emergency resources and navigation to working families in extreme poverty to rebuild housing stability. Annually serving more than 22,000 people in need, local corporations, faith, and human service organizations rely on Together to provide support services for their employees and neighbors.


  • The Together renovation project involved a full demolition and complete renovation of the space, turning a dilapidated building into a beautiful space for the community.
  • Double-wall ductwork was provided to integrate with the exposed ceilings and structure designed for the space. This allowed the barrel vault ceiling structure to remain exposed.
  • Provided new gas-fired rooftop units and ductwork distribution systems for areas requiring heating and cooling. Included hot gas reheat for humidity control.
  • Building Control System utilizes programmable thermostats for rooftop units and single temperature (adjustable) thermostats for spaces requiring heat only.
  • Provided an intelligent microprocessor-based, addressable fire alarm system, complete with addressable control relays.
  • Installed a wet-pipe fire sprinkler system throughout with the exception of the garage and Receiving which have a dry-pipe system.

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Photography credit: Kessler Photography

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