James E. Stewart Golf Course Clubhouse
James E. Stewart Golf Course Clubhouse
James E. Stewart Golf Course Clubhouse

James E. Stewart Golf Course Clubhouse

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

6,500 GSF

Located three miles east of Downtown Oklahoma City, the James E. Stewart Golf Course provides an easy afternoon getaway for all levels of golfers and features a restaurant for golfers and community members to enjoy. Previously, Douglass Park recreational facility and James E. Stewart Golf Course clubhouse shared a building; however, this new clubhouse provides the course with its own space.


  • The primary HVAC system for the building is a variant refrigerant flow (VRF) fan coil unit with air source heat pumps. The kitchen is served by a standalone gas-fired, direct-expansion (DX) rooftop unit. A dedicated, outside air unit provides conditioned ventilation air to the facility.
  • To maximize the time users can enjoy the space, outdoor areas such as walkways, parking areas, and recreation spaces will be lit by a combination of pole-mounted luminaries, bollards, and building luminaries.
  • Water and grease removal were coordinated to support food handling equipment, food storage equipment, and commercial dishwashing for the full-service kitchen.
  • A concealed-head, wet-pipe sprinkler system provides the automatic fire suppression required for the entire building. A separate, dry pipe system provides protection for the exterior seating areas.
  • The facility features fixtures and equipment to conserve energy usage. This includes LED lighting, low water consumption plumbing fixtures, high-efficiency domestic water heating, and a heating and cooling system.

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Photography credit: Pete Brzycki

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