SSM Shawnee Ambulatory Care Center Exterior View
SSM Shawnee Ambulatory Care Center Exercise Room Interior
Interior view of SSM Shawnee Ambulatory Care Center corridor

SSM Health Shawnee Ambulatory Care

Shawnee, Oklahoma

36,000 GSF

The Shawnee ambulatory medical building serves the community by offering primary care, urgent care, women’s services, mammography services, and dermatology services. Physical therapy services are also offered in the facility with a separate external entrance for patient convenience.


  • Ductwork located above a mesh metal ceiling was coordinated to not only fit above the mesh ceiling without impacting performance, but to also avoid negatively impacting the overall aesthetic.
  • In the 2-story lobby space, ductwork was designed to be left exposed so as to coordinate with the overall aesthetic.
  • Accent lighting was used to make the building more pronounced at night. Blue LEDs accent the outline of the building, while flood lights highlight the undercanopy.
  • Basic lighting was provided for the parking lot and entry area for the safety of staff and visitors.
  • Interior lighting for the space consists of linear grid fixtures that provide even illumination while integrating seamlessly into the accented ceiling.
  • Corridor lighting was located above a metal wire mesh ceiling painted dark blue as part of the overall aesthetic. The Alvine Engineering electrical team took this into account and calculated the lighting accordingly to ensure enough light came through the mesh ceiling to properly illuminate the hallways below.

Photography credit: © Joseph Mills Photography

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