5 Places That Need Foodservice Design

Foodservice consulting and design is only for restaurants and schools, right?

If you stop to think about it, there are many places that serve food on a daily basis. In facilities that provide food for a consistent group of people, like schools and hospitals, high-quality food keeps students and employees satisfied. As Jordon Kramp, a foodservice designer at Alvine Engineering, puts it, “Foodservice is an important element because great food keeps people coming back!”

Here are 5 places that need foodservice consulting and design, but aren’t the first spaces that come to mind and how a consultant can help.

1. Offices

With today’s healthy-building initiatives, like the WELL Building Standard™, many corporate spaces are adding dining areas with healthy food options for employees. A successful dining area in an office can attract top talent by encouraging a healthy, inclusive, and collaborative workplace. Even if workers can’t stay to socialize, a foodservice consultant can help company leaders design efficient foodservice spaces that provide employees with quick healthy meals to take on the go as an alternative to fast food.

Interior view of the 600 Canal Place dining area
View of the dining area inside Think Whole Person Healthcare

2. Hospitals

Good food brings people together, whether they’re patients or medical staff. However, employees must also be able to leave at a moment’s notice, making kitchen efficiency essential. One basic way to increase efficiency is to make sure the design and layout of the foodservice area helps foodservice processes, rather than getting kitchen staff tangled up with one another or constantly running back and forth through the space. It also protects against cross contamination for those with food allergies.

3. Senior Living

Senior communities go to great lengths to feel like home and most commercial kitchens would stick out. A foodservice consultant can help design a space that takes full advantage of any size of space, making sure each piece of equipment is sized appropriately for the space and function. This means the commercial kitchen is easier to hide and the dining room’s homeliness can take center stage.

View inside the kitchen at the Irving Community Center in Ada
Dining room at Marco Island Marriott Resort Lanai

4. Hotels

From business leaders to tourists to wedding guests, hotels serve a wide range of hungry travelers. Some hotels even become destinations themselves and their individuality becomes their selling point. Foodservice consultants are independent, making their main focus providing clients with the best possible solutions for their individual spaces; rather than earning a commission from a brand or equipment manufacturer.

5. Military Bases

Military bases must be able to adapt and grow as assigned staff changes occur through the years. Foodservice consultants can help military leaders design a space with room for expansion, whether that’s additional equipment or increased staff.

View inside a hangar at Stewart Air National Guard Base

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