Alvine Engineering Announces Seven New Project Managers

Alvine Engineering has promoted Nick Andera, Jason Jones, Justin Olson, and Tim Shimerdla to project managers in our Des Moines office. Brian Nevole and Mary Wurst were named project managers in the Omaha office. Dave Jessen has been promoted to project manager in our Colorado location.

Each one will ensure that Alvine Engineering provides quality engineering design services for our clients. They will perform a variety of tasks from leading project kick-off meetings to delivering accurate design documents and maintaining open communication with clients and teammates. Leaders inside and outside the office, these new project managers look forward to continuing to develop relationships, mentor others, and make a positive impact in their communities.

Learn more about Alvine Engineering’s latest project managers below and be sure to look for them in the Des Moines BusinessRecord and Midlands Business Journal in the coming weeks.

Nick Andera, P.E., LC

When Nick was young and people asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would say “electrical engineer.” Raised in the electrical industry, Nick worked for his father and uncle’s electrical contracting business throughout high school and summers in college. Eventually, he came to Alvine Engineering where he works on a variety of projects, including many design-build projects.

Nick considers a successful design-build project to be one that allows the owner’s vision to come to life, while maintaining a schedule and budget. Design-build is a very collaborative process, meaning team members need to be well-rounded, something Nick believes will be especially important for future engineers.

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Jason Jones, P.E.

From a young age, Jason was drawn to mechanical things, especially learning how things are made and function. Finding innovative solutions to projects’ challenges is one of Jason’s favorite parts of being an engineer. It drives him to expand his knowledge, inside and outside the industry.

Jason not only pushes himself to continue learning and trying new strategies, but encourages others to do the same. He enjoys helping younger engineers learn by taking the time to explain problems and solutions so they can understand and accomplish future tasks on their own. He believes this shared knowledge is part of driving the industry toward better integration of technology and energy savings.

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Justin Olson, P.E.

Like many engineers, Justin found math and science exciting as early as elementary school. He continues to grow as a leader within the architecture, engineering, and construction industry because he appreciates the chance to make a positive impact on clients and coworkers, whether that’s through mentoring a young engineer or leading a team on a project.

Looking to the future, Justin hopes that engineers will continue developing skills in more areas than simply marking up designs. As the industry trends toward integration, it will demand a more well-rounded engineer that can adapt to out-of-the-box challenges and provide innovative ideas.

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Tim Shimerdla, P.E.

Exploring his options in college, Tim worked at Omaha Public Power District, Omaha’s Metropolitan Utilities District, and Union Pacific Railroad in departments that dealt with engineering and construction. Making a difference in his community has always been important to him, which is why a majority of his career has focused on healthcare and education facilities.

As the industry continues to move toward more integration, collaboration across disciplines becomes even more essential to project success. Here, Tim leads by example, proactively reaching out to other team members throughout the design process. He believes that relationships are incredibly important and that they are essential for the future of the industry.

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Brian Nevole, P.E.

In high school, Brian attended a career explorer program at a local architectural engineering firm that led him to the Architectural Engineering Program at the University of Nebraska. He believes that having successful projects requires continual growth in engineering and how to work well with diverse project teams.

New ideas and technology are always changing the design and building process. Brian enjoys the opportunity to embrace these changes and move the industry forward. He strives to be adaptable and willing to embrace new technology that helps improve the design process. His hope is this will lead to safer, more efficient buildings completed faster than ever before.

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Mary Wurst, P.E.

Mary loves solving problems. She works to understand each client’s needs, and shapes the building systems to align with their goals. This is especially true of schools, which Mary sees as a vital part of the community and she takes great pride in creating learning environments that positively impact students.

Mary believes the future of engineering is diverse, and success will be found for those engineers that can collaborate well. She recognizes that the architecture, engineering, and construction industry is a team sport and she seizes the opportunity to learn from her peers. Together, they leverage the team’s strengths to work through challenges and make the client’s vision a reality.

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Dave Jessen, P.E., LEED AP

Dave had an influential architecture and applied engineering teacher in high school that introduced him to architectural engineering. He takes great pride in the work that he does and enjoys seeing the positive impact finished projects have on their communities.

Looking to the future, Dave would like to see the built environment better support healthy living in a variety of ways. Healthy buildings focus on several areas including nutrition, lighting, and exercise. Mixed-use developments promote social interaction and mental health by encouraging people to live, work, and play together. Meanwhile, timber projects support carbon reduction and sustainability initiatives.

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Headshot of Dave Jessen.
Fans used to improve air quality at St. Margaret Mary's Elementary School in Omaha, NE.Alvine Engineering staff mentoring PKI students.