Alvine Engineering Corporate Office, 1201 Cass Street
Alvine Engineering Corporate Office, 1201 Cass Street
Alvine Engineering Corporate Office, 1201 Cass Street

1207 Cass Street

Omaha, Nebraska

100,000 GSF

This mixed-use facility offers residential, office, and parking. Design challenges presented by site constraints including underground district energy systems, overhead high voltage distribution lines, and a railroad transit line were overcome through thoughtful design.

The tenant in the office space within the building is the first WELL Certified™ Gold project in Nebraska. The tenant improvement is also the first Wired Certified Platinum space in Nebraska.


  • Each residential unit has an individualized electrical power meter.
  • Energy-efficient heat pumps were installed for heating and cooling.
  • Space was allocated in the heated garage for future intake and grease exhaust so garage space could be converted to a restaurant.
  • Plumbing was carefully coordinated with the structure in the ceiling of the third floor, utilizing beam penetrations incorporated in the design.
  • In most mixed-use facilities, secured access to shared spaces is maintained through the use of multiple card readers, but 1207 uses a splitter to enable one card reader to send the information to the residential and office security systems separately.


  • Under-floor air distribution system is supplied by individual floor air handling units with adjustable swirl diffusers at each occupant’s work station and in common areas.
  • The lighting control system is integrated with many other building systems including the automated shade systems, occupancy sensors for the security system, zone and scene control on the audiovisual touchscreen controllers in conference rooms, and the Building Management and Control System, which manipulates color changing fixtures at the reception desk based on outside air temperature and wind speed.
  • Acoustical treatments were applied throughout the lobby, conference and training rooms, and open office spaces for a comfortable working environment.
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