Green roof at Chauncey Tower
Chauncey Residential/Entertainment Development
View inside one of the theaters at Chauncey Tower

Chauncey Tower

Iowa City, Iowa

287,881 GSF

The Chauncey Tower is a 15-story mixed-use development that includes modern condominiums, a bowling alley, an expanded FilmScene theater, a café, and office spaces. The primary goal of the Chauncey Tower development was to develop the type of activities offered in the heart of downtown Iowa City.


  • A hybrid geothermal cooling tower with a boiler pulls groundwater for circulation through the building systems.
  • The stairwell and elevator pressurization systems assist with fire protection.
  • Radiant floors across level one provide optimal temperature control.
  • The Alvine Engineering team designed snowmelt systems were installed on exterior walkways.
  • Specialized architectural lighting highlights the theater area.
  • Daylight harvesting is utilized to introduce daylighting and enhance energy efficiency.
  • An architectural dimming system with tunable white lighting is integrated with the theater systems.
  • The bowling area lighting system has been customized to allow for color-changing and theatrical dimming.
  • The facility is wet-sprinklered throughout with dry pipe sprinklers in the dock and overhang area, parking garage, and those areas subject to temperatures below 40 degrees.
  • The kitchen exhaust hoods include a foam and water extinguishing system.
  • Projection video wall design, with blended images, was provided for the bowling alley to support the room use, including viewing and sporting events.
  • Conference room audiovisual design included video displays, audio reinforcement, and control systems.
  • Common building wireless network infrastructure design was also provided.

You can check out more of our multi-family and mixed-use development experience here. 

Photography credit: Rorhbach Associates PC Architects

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