Fifth + Broadway Office/Residential Development

Nashville, Tennessee

Residential: 350 units, Office: 350,000 GSF, Retail: 200,000 GSF, Museum: 50,709 GSF, Parking: 1,130 stalls

This development will include two high-rise towers anchored by a significant retail podium. Components will include retail, restaurant and entertainment space, the National Museum of African-American Music, a Class A office tower, and a residential tower. The office tower will offer 350,000 gross square feet of Class A office space. The residential tower will include 350 units over a 5- to 6-level embedded parking garage. Also included will be the office lobby, parking entrance/exit ramps, support spaces, a roof terrace amenity, and a 150,000-gross-square-foot conference space. Connection into the existing Nashville Convention Center, will remain active throughout construction.


Alvine Engineering is seamlessly working with the design team to provide forward-thinking engineering consulting and design options. We have implemented a risk mitigation strategy with a focus on the owner’s best interest and ROI with a short-term and long-term strategy to avoid potential issues impacting schedules and budget. Some of Alvine Engineering’s solutions include:

  • The office tower portion of the project is anticipated to be LEED certified.
  • The entire development will be designed to incorporate MEP and architectural systems to meet the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code requirements.
  • Connection to Nashville District Energy Systems for heating and cooling of the retail component to facilitate cooling while avoiding rooftop equipment on the high aesthetic design for the podium.
  • The Fifth + Broadway site has multiple unique HVAC opportunities that allowed increased sustainable and economic performance including the following:
    • District chilled water distribution to simplify metering and initial equipment installation.
    • Water Source heat pump system for the residential units to capitalize on heat recovery between units in simultaneous heating and cooling.
    • High-efficiency chilled water distribution system for the office building to support creative/entertainment tenants in the Nashville market. Energy use reduction of nearly 20% is anticipated due to the technologies deployed in the office building.
    • Passenger elevator hoistway pressurization is utilized to eliminate elevator lobbies and the associated rated doors and walls.

Photography credit: Zack Benson©

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