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Omni PGA Frisco Resort

Omni Hotels & Resorts PGA Frisco Resort

Frisco, Texas

545,000 GSF

Located in the northern upscale Frisco development of Rockhill Parkway and Legacy Drive, the picturesque Omni Hotel and Resorts – PGA Frisco Resort serves the community and the Professional Golf Association for years to come. Golf’s most highly anticipated resort consists of a 500-room hotel with 127,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor event space including a free-standing event pavilion, 13 dining options, a massive two-story 15,000 square foot full-service spa, and a PGA performance center, a retail village that contains multiple dining and entertainment options including a Lounge by Topgolf, and ten free-standing villas serviced by the hotel.


  • Alvine Engineering was responsible for providing the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection design services for the expansive hotel, clubhouse, retail village, event center, maintenance facilities, support buildings, villas, and exterior power distribution for the executive course and the putting greens, and the championship golf course irrigation pump house.
  • A resort of this scale required three 550-ton water chillers with a chilled water loop dedicated to the hotel facility. In order to be contingent with the hotel’s infrastructure theme of “felt, but not seen,” the vertical fan coils were supplied with a three-inch water line surrounded by one inch of insulation.
  • The cooling towers have a chemical treatment system to minimize scale, microbiological growth, and corrosion which offers the resort’s mechanical equipment more longevity, and ease of maintenance, and significantly lowers the facility’s maintenance expenses as the facilities age.
  • The emergency generator serves the condenser water loop cooling towers and pumps. In the event of a power outage, the walk-in coolers and freezers won’t defrost.
  • Worked closely with the local electric company to arrange 35 services for the 600-acre resort. Included in those 35 services are three services for event power: one at the event pavilion and one at the golf clubhouse and one at the golf maintenance complex. Additional outdoor event power was provided from the nearest building service at multiple locations across the campus.
  • In order to distribute power across such a vast area, circuits had to be relayed for miles upon miles in order to provide the exterior lighting for the executive course and the two-acre putting green, along with auxiliary buildings, the retail village, hotel, performance center, etc.
  • Following suit with the owner’s vision, the power distribution across the resort was kept underground so as not to distract from the resort’s luxurious aesthetics. One major challenge for the electrical team was to provide sturdy, underground pathways for the electrical wiring that could maintain the integrity of the electrical connections despite the fact that the resort was constructed on expansive clay

Photography credit: Omni Hotels & Resorts PGA Frisco Resort

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