Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building

Iowa City, Iowa

214,000 GSF

The mission of Pappajohn Biomedical Institute is to understand the fundamentals of biology and disease by extending discoveries into real-life applications that improve human health. The hub of this Institute is in the Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building. The focus of this 9-story 218,000-square-foot structure is interdisciplinary research in the broad areas of neuroscience, aging, and regenerative medicine. The facility includes wet research laboratories, office space, vivarium, and central core facilities making the building a destination point for research-related imaging created through the Iowa Institute of Biomedical Imaging.


  • Certified LEED Gold.
  • Air quality monitoring systems to allow reduction in lab and animal holding room ventilation rates.
  • Reclamation of rainwater for routine irrigation of roof-top herb gardens.
  • Use of freezer farms in labs to concentrate high heat producing equipment in select locations.
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