University of Oklahoma Tom Love Innovation Hub


Norman, Oklahoma


15,000 GSF


Three Partners Place is a 3-story 75,000-square-foot building housing corporate, academic, and research tenants. The Innovation Hub is a result of renovations to the building’s first floor that includes a grab-and-go cafe, fitness center, video-wall collaboration room, offices, conferencing space, and a fabrication lab with assembly, sandblasting, and soldering.


  • The fabrication laboratory is served by two VAV terminals. A new dedicated exhaust fan was installed on the roof and ductwork routed into the fabrication laboratory.
  • The facility is controlled by an electronic microprocessor-based Direct Digital Control (DDC) system, which is the primary control mechanism for all heating, ventilating, and air conditioning controls. All schedule and setpoint modifications are readily accomplished through an on-site terminal or off-site by protected internet access. Each zone or space has individual control and is addressable from the central operator station to assist in trouble-shooting.
  • New LED lighting was installed including color changing RGB lighting and new lighting controls.
  • The existing fire protection water service was evaluated for re-use and modified as required. The existing above ceiling, wet-pipe sprinkler system was replaced to accommodate new spaces in the building.
  • Services also included the design of plumbing systems, including all plumbing fixtures, domestic water piping, sanitary sewer piping, and sanitary vent piping, in accordance with applicable code.
  • An acoustical analysis was completed and then verified after construction to ensure that the noise transition was not transmitted to the office occupancy directly above the fabrication lab.
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